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Mind Games | Book Jacket Design

THE CREATIVE BRIEF: My task was to create an effective book jacket design that would draw attention and tempt a reader to grab the book and consider it. The objective was to acquire knowledge of the structure of a book design format and integrate type and illustration in to a cohesive design composition, inspired by the book title using design elements and principles to convert a sense of the story contents. The artwork was designed to foster reader interest and intrigue, hence the illustrations hinting at what storytelling adventures readers might experience. The desired result of this book jacket design was to be a form of a mini poster targeting young adults, which progressed into logos, illustrations, typography and art direction.

MY CONTRIBUTIONS: Art/ Creative Direction, Layout, Visual Design, Illustration, Concept, Print Production

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I started by writing down the words that came to my mind, then I created a word map connecting the dots of the story by picking words that had meaning and relevance to the narrative of the story. The mind map allowed me to explore and create concepts in my mind linked to human connection, attraction and brain activity. Later on, I researched ideas and questions I had like, what happens to our brains when we are attraction to someone. This served as inspiration to come up with an illustration that would later on be the cover of the book jacket.




When I was creating the first version of the book jacket, I knew I wanted the illustration of the brain to be the dominant visual. I wanted the brain to portray danger and brain activity. Everything else, such as the logo, portrait, and body copy fell into place after housing the brain on the front cover.

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The completed book jacket design is simple and minimal. The finalized version of the brain illustration became polished in shapes, color and size. It is also now large in scale and bleeds to the spine and right flap of the sleeve. The name of the book was changed to a different title to best reflect the narrative of the story. ‘Games” was flipped upside down in red to reflect ‘mind’ in white. The purpose of the second brain on the left was to mimic a maze, hard to get out of a maze when you don’t know your way around, it is to show that a mind game can feel as hard as trying to get out of a maze

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 9.32.08 PM.png


This printed samples below consist of testing the color on paper, illustration styles and body copy placement on matte paper.

all three.jpg


The final illustrations came from many different sketches I created on paper and on Illustrator. At one point, I printed all of my sketches out and taped them up to my wall to see which elements on each drawing, I wanted to keep for the final version because I knew I couldn’t use them all. These two final versions of the brain incorporate elements that every single illustration, sketch, or drawing possessed throughout the illustration process.

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