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Ladama (Artist) | Marketing Campaign

LADAMA is an inspiring ensemble of four Latina women musicians from across the Americas who strive to engage women in their respective communities in the process of music-making, sound design and audio production.

THE CREATIVE BRIEF: Ladama came to me via Six Degrees to add to their marketing campaign for their world tour. I created posters, web and social media banners, merchandise and an email blast to advertise tour dates. My concept development consisted of the idea of having the band’s picture be the focal point for this campaign, as a result the key message would communicate via visual hierarchy, color and type. The photograph and color on this poster, stands for diversity with a splash of feminism. The color pink supports this key idea and lets the poster live in environments filled with visual clutter.

MY CONTRIBUTIONS: Posters, Layout, Visual Design, Social Media, Marketing

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In today’s competitive visual landscape a poster must catch the attention of people passing by. That is why I capitalized on Ladama’s X factor, which is the fact that this is a band of four Latina women from four different countries. This is why the idea of having their photo be the dominant focal point on the posters was important to me. Secondly, I wanted the color of the poster to share a relatable message of four feminine and feminist strong cool women. This poster was used to promote their dynamic performance at the Womex Festival in the Canary Islands in Spain.



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